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Since opening our doors in 2001, SohoPortal has been developing web-based products, applications, components, modules and plug-ins that are in active use today by small and medium size businesses, government, non-profit organizations and NGO's throughout Canada and the United States.

Our developers have significant experience with a diverse range of web technologies gained through the development of standards based web sites and web-based applications, as well as our work with numerous API's, frameworks and libraries such as Google Analytics, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, JQuery, Mootools and the Yahoo! (YUI) library.

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Pre-built Modules & Plug-ins

SohoPortal has an ever growing library of custom developed modules and plug-ins for your PHP & PHP/MYSQL website. Our plug-ins allow you to integrate the missing functionality you need into your existing website, so that you don't have to re-do your entire website as your business grows.

Custom Web & API Development

Are you looking for PHP/MYSQL web application or API development? SohoPortal has custom web application development experience, as well as experience interfacing with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Analytics and other frameworks, libraries & API's.

Quicksilk® Lite

SohoPortal's lightweight Content Management System (CMS) for easy website maintenance, Quicksilk® Lite provides a flexible base framework with a range of pre-built plug-ins to allow clients to affordably tailor a CMS to the specific needs of their website. If a needed plug-in doesn't yet exist, one can be built that seamlessly integrates into the QuickSilk® Lite solution.

Quicksilk® eCommerce(coming soon!)

Built by marketers for marketers. Our PA DSS compliant eCommerce solution helps you drive traffic to your online store, merchandise your products, manage your customers and orders, plus so much more. This complete solution provides you everything you need to successfully create and manage an on-line storefront, with nothing more than your browser.